Business law, also known as trade or mercantile law, is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in buying, selling, trade, and commerce. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both public as well as the private law.

Business law encompasses on services measures the number of procedures, time, cost and paid-in minimum capital requirement for a small to medium-sized business / company to start up and formally operate in country‚Äôs large business cities. A conducive investment climate is instrumental in attracting both domestic and foreign investment by providing a more facilitative institutional, policy and regulatory environment for businesses to operate. Pakistan made starting a business easier by expanding procedures available through the online platform. This reform applies to both Karachi and Lahore. Furthermore, Pakistan’s Lahore abolished the Labour Department Registration Fee.

Having the right attorney can make the difference when it comes to commencement of a new business, acquiring an existing one, or when dealing with issues that arise in connection with the operation and ownership of a business. The attorneys of ZA-LLP, have extensive experience in business, commercial, and corporate affairs in in all over Pakistan, ranging from formation and incorporation for new business start-ups as limited liability companies or partnerships, preparation of shareholder or operating agreements, and in providing corporate counsel services to guide business owners and operators in their day to day ongoing business operations. The firm also represent clients in the purchases and sales of businesses of ongoing businesses of all types and sizes, as well as in connection with shareholder buy / sell agreements, leases, commercial evictions, and shareholder disputes. Having represented business and corporate clients of various types and sizes, the attorneys at ZA-LLP can be an invaluable asset to your business and regularly help clients be able to focus on productivity.

Ease of Doing Business

Deciding how to organize your company — a Sole Proprietership, a Partnership, a Public Limited Company, a Private Limited Company, a Foreign Company, a Liaison / Branch Office or some other form of entity, can be confusing. The business and tax aspects of your decision vary greatly. We can help you establish the operating structure most beneficial for you.

The Mission of the Business Law Section is to serve the public, the profession and the Section by furthering the development and improvement of business law, educating Section members in business law and related professional responsibilities, and helping Section members to serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally. Setting a sound strategy is the most important aspect of being successful in business.

The Business Group is experienced in working closely with our clients to understand their strategic goals. Whether the matter relates to corporate governance, financing, securities law, or the intricacies of deal taxation, our approach begins with strategic listening. As a result, our experience enables us to develop effective plans. With those plans, our attorneys work together with our clients to implement their long-term goals.


ZA-LLP represents a wide array of business and corporate clients, ranging from sole proprietorships to entrepreneurial small companies to large business organisations. Our attorneys counsel clients through all phases of business and corporate law, including corporate formation and governance, mergers and acquisitions, general contract formation and administrative work. Our goal in this practice area is to help our clients to understand and work through their business issues so as to enable them to operate successfully regardless of the economic climate.

Whether your business is small or large, at ZA-LLP, we view our role as facilitators to your company’s continuing growth and expansion. Our goal is to anticipate and prevent problems before they happen. Having a practice that dates back to 1973, we represent clients in most all industry groups. We don’t pigeonhole our attorneys to single industries. Our professionals bring to the table broader experiences from several industries. This broad based experience provides our clients with more cost effective, higher quality services.

With respect to business formation and corporate governance, our attorneys work with clients to help them focus and facilitate important decisions related to the foundation of their organisations. To that end, we assist our clients in selecting the correct type of business entity, handling all aspects of incorporating the entity and qualifying it to do business in any states necessary, as well as to provide ongoing support and maintenance of the entity after the incorporation.


Whether representing a lending institution or a publicly or privately held business, we understand that time is money. Loan documentation is not all the same. The negotiation of such documents poses special considerations affecting your company’s future flexibility and rights. We are accustomed to providing this work quickly.


Another significant aspect of our business law practice relates to the purchase or sale of businesses. It is critical to plan and structure these transactions in such a manner as to achieve the expected results and avoid unexpected or unwanted consequences. Based on our extensive experience, our attorneys counsel clients, negotiate terms and conditions and draft documents in such a manner as to best achieve our clients’ business goals.

We assist our clients in the sensitive work of forming documents for maintaining relationships with their customers, suppliers and employees. These include employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, manufacturing and supply agreements, manufacturers’ representative agreements, joint ventures and other agreements necessary in today’s competitive business environment. Sadly, we know much of the ever common litigation that we read about in this area could have been prevented. We take pride in keeping our clients out of this expensive litigation process.

We also routinely assist clients with leasing, selling and / or purchasing real property. From negotiation and drafting of letters of intent and binding agreements, through performing due diligence and obtaining financing until closing of the transaction, we focus our energies on ensuring that our clients understand the business considerations associated with each transaction. As in all our practice areas, our attorneys offer diligent representation during every stage of a real estate transaction.


We advise clients on rights and responsibilities with respect to members, directors, and shareholders. Whether it’s an indemnity clause in one’s by-laws, an insurance contract or both, the issues concerning member / director liability can have substantial impact on one’s wealth. Advance attention to these concerns can prevent many of these problems.

The Law Offices of ZA-LLP provide a one-stop legal shop for manufacturing, construction and service businesses throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. We provide business and commercial law services to entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and established companies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, including Kabul, Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and everywhere in between. Here are some examples of the business law services we provide:

  • Formation of corporations, limited liability companies, business trusts and partnerships;
  • Licensing actions before regulatory institutions and advising individuals and entities regarding professional regulatory issues;
  • Business financing;
  • Business contract preparation;
  • Shareholder rights;
  • Corporate meetings and minutes;
  • Buy-sell agreements;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Employee relations;
  • Business liability;
  • Real estate services in connection with the purchase or sale of commercial buildings, commercial property, as well as property-related services such as zoning changes and commercial leases;
  • Franchising;
  • Business planning;
  • Protection of trade secrets;
  • Tax preparation services and tax planning;
  • Business succession and estate planning services; and
  • Business dissolutions.

One of our key strengths is our ability to provide a full range of legal services for our business clients. We have become the “legal department” for many businesses in Pakistan that do not have their own in-house legal counsel.

At, we believe in a team approach with clients. We enjoy long lasting relationships with our clients, and we take great pride in working with our clients towards achieving continued success. We have worked hard over the past 35 years to earn confidence and respect from our business clients. Whether you are starting a new business from scratch or you want to make your existing business stronger, ZA-LLP will provide a seasoned legal perspective and practical advice to help your business grow. For more information, please refer to our Business Law Practice Center.

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