E-commerce law encompasses the regulations of conducting business electronically rather than conventional physical means. This includes all retail activities conducted over the internet such as purchasing goods, availing services, delivery, payment facilitation as well as supply chain and services management. Notable examples are: the end user or internet trade agreements and consumer to business or business to business contracts.

If your goal is to protect your commercial interests online or to design, implement, or revise your online marketing strategy, ZA-LLP’s attorneys are a valuable resource for the protection of your website or internet based business. We provide your business with the tools and know-how to protect your property rights and information by designing and implementing best business practices that will ward-off potential litigation while making your online business more valuable.

We counsel technology businesses on the scope and applicability of competition and consumer protection laws to technology development, distribution and use. We seek to ensure that our clients’ online standards development, and essential facilities management activities comply with these domestic and international laws. We also counsel on consumer protection requirements for online advertising, sales and marketing, and the management and use of personal consumer data.


At ZA-LLP, we are experts in internet law and e-commerce. Our attorneys have written extensively, lectured and taught on the legal and commercial issues involving both areas. We represent regional ISPs, website and online content developers, hosts, distributors and other electronic commerce enterprises. We also counsel more traditional companies on the legal and policy issues associated with their use both of existing and new technologies. We have consulted on electronic commercial transactions, online content management, data security, and information privacy issues for owners, operators and users of proprietary data networks (e.g., intranets and extranets). We also counsel on the commercial, legal and regulatory aspects of the internet and electronic business, including preparation of vendor and site licensing agreements and providing advice on linking, framing and other online content management issues.



Because we recognize that internet and e-commerce law impacts both high-tech companies and those that provide more traditional products and services, we provide all clients the opportunity to take advantage of our Internet Legal Audit. Each Audit is tailored to meet the client’s specific business parameters and is designed to address many cutting-edge legal issues before they become significant business liabilities.

The firm’s services include:

  • Reviewing, negotiating and / or drafting a broad range of website agreements, contracts, business policies, disclaimers, and disclosures;
  • Monitoring and evaluating your web-based business operations and website content to ensure compliance with industry best-practices;
  • Organising and monetising your e-commerce activities;
  • Counseling regarding compliance with e-commerce, privacy & data security, intellectual property, user-generated content safe-harbors, and consumer protection directives, as well as the international expansion of Internet-based businesses and affiliate programmes;
  • Designing and documenting adequate data protection and security measures that protect both your own and your consumers’ privacy and security, including database systems analysis; and
  • Strategic advice and risk-analysis.

In addition to transactional assistance, we are available for internet and e-commerce business litigation matters involving: domain name and cybersquatting disputes, trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret and proprietary information disputes, breach of contract claims; antitrust and unfair competition disputes; privacy disputes and false advertising disputes.


Computer law is a body of law that has been created for the acquisition, license, development, and usage of computers and related hardware as well as other forms of technology. Computer law protects buyers and sellers when entering into purchasing or leasing agreements as well as specifying the rights and obligations of the parties when entering into development or licensing agreements. Computer law allows for the ever changing world of technology to become more predictable and secure.

We’ve the expertise in clarification of contractual rights and obligations, development and licensing agreements, licensing of technology owned by third parties, Protection of ownership rights in high technology, purchasing, leasing and service agreements, requests for proposal or quotation and statement of work.

ZA-LLP’s internationally recognized telecommunications group, based in the firm’s Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offices, advises on a broad range of telecommunications-related commercial, regulatory, and infrastructure matters, particularly those with an international dimension:

  • Regulations;
  • Transactions;
  • Disputes;
  • Service Providers;
  • Equipment Suppliers;
  • Government and Public Telecom Operators;
  • Privatisation.

Our telecommunications lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the commercial and technological aspects of the telecommunications industry and continually monitor market developments in Pakistan. We offer our clients pragmatic and sector-specific legal advice in order to successfully meet the challenges of today’s rapidly developing international telecommunications industry.

The attorneys at ZA-LLP provide a full spectrum of telecommunications advice, regarding regulation, transactions, and disputes in a variety of sectors, including wireline and broadband, wireless, satellite, and Internet and e-commerce, as well as information technology. Our clients include service providers, equipment suppliers, electric utilities, and governmental bodies.

The full capabilities of our firm—with more than 250 attorneys in several offices—are available to support our telecommunications clients. Our attorneys focus on other aspects of technology law, including intellectual property litigation, patent and technology protection, copyright and content protection, trademark and identity protection, unfair competition, and life sciences. Our attorneys also provide the traditional legal support often needed by telecom companies: corporate, litigation, employment, tax, antitrust, international trade, and property.

The ZA-LLP eTeam is a leading international technology legal group representing information technology, electronic commerce, financial services, telecommunications, and other technology-intensive companies on cutting-edge legal issues. With an integrated team based in our Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta offices, we bring to bear critical technology, regulatory, corporate, and litigation experience with tax, anti-trust, and other capabilities, to ensure efficient, cost-effective representation.

Our IT and IP Group prides itself in keeping up to date with the latest developments in all areas of IT and the licensing and protection of IP. More importantly, the Group prides itself in understanding how Technology Law, IT Law, Commercial Law and global legal issues have to be integrated in order to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our focus on strategic issues and our familiarity with various industries allows us to assist our clients in negotiating terms that protect them throughout the lending relationship.

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