IMF refuses to accept old data report on losses of government institutions

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked for a fresh report on the losses of state-owned enterprises.

According to sources, the IMF mission has asked the finance ministry for a fresh report on the losses of government-owned enterprises up to the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

Sources say that the IMF has refused to accept the old data report on the losses of government-owned enterprises, while the Finance Ministry has asked the IMF for time to submit the report by December 2023.

Sources said the IMF mission asked the Central Monitoring Unit team to submit its first assessment report, which officials said was examining new data from state-owned enterprises.

According to the sources, the IMF delegation was told by the Pakistani authorities that they will complete the report of the new data of government-owned enterprises soon.

It should be noted that the IMF delegation is in Pakistan on a two-week visit for review talks, the IMF delegation will hold talks with the Pakistani authorities on various issues.

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